SERVICE (Exhibitor)

Digital marketing

 Provide online media, social platforms, APP applications and other multi-channel marketing programs, grasp market trends and audience groups accurately to achieve the purpose of precise promotion.


Provide media promotion and advertising for exhibitors before, during and after the exhibition, including but not limited to billboards, newspapers, radio, TV, and the Internet, etc.

Booth application

According to the conditions proposed by the exhibitors, on behalf of the exhibitor to apply to the exhibition organizer for booth positions of the corresponding location and area, and communicate with the exhibition organizer in time to ensure that the needs of the exhibitors are met.

Booth design

According to the philosophy and style of exhibitors, we can provide a variety of booth construction design solutions to choose.

Exhibit transportation

Provide various services from domestic ports to booth for exhibits, including: packing, customs declaration, collection port, sea/air transportation, foreign port/airport pickup, customs clearance, assistance in customs inspection, land transportation to the exhibition venue, and provision of manpower and mechanical power will deliver the goods to the booth and put them in place.

Event operation

Hold new product release, event opening ceremonies, promotion seminar and other promotional activities for exhibitors, invite guests to participate, and invite media to report on the scene. At the same time, during the exhibition period, it provides a variety of daily visitors interactive activities, program performances and other programs, and manages and operates them.